Looking to the future, we recognize that we live in a place of incredible beauty. People come from all over the world for weeks and months at a time. In a resort community such as Vail, it’s easy to overlook the local community – the people and families who live, work, and play year-round.

What we’ve found is that although we call this place “Happy Valley,” there is a more challenging reality underneath. Our valley is filled with a lot of brokenness and spiritual darkness. So Jesus calls us into the midst of it all not simply to do social good but to do gospel good. We want to love our neighbor and meet their needs with the goal of bringing our valley the good news of Jesus Christ. While the local ministry initiatives are already emerging (food bank, elderly support, youth outreach and Bible study) the potential to impact our community remains significant.

If you are interested in volunteering with “Our Back Yard”, contact Lenée Smith, our Community Impact/OBY Director.