A 4 Week Series During First Service in the TVC CONFERENCE ROOM
SUNDAY October 5-26  from 8.30am-9.30am
taught by John Herbert

Check out the Adult Ministries page for Men's and Women's current events. Also read Quinterro's report from Angola on the missions page. The Thurday morning Women's Bible study begins this coming Thursday! LADIES- dont forget to Sign up for the MOAB Retreat Oct 2-4, 2014!


Starts 9/12/14
Fridays 6:45am-8am
Meeting in 3 regional groups:

   Meet at "The Basement"
   in the Riverwalk
   Scott Leonard: 376-7971

   Meet in Ken Armstrong's office
   Nick Bergquist: 390-1368

   Meet at TVC
   Ray Sforzo: 376-3344

2014 Israel Tour

Please join The Vail Church for a remarkable journey to the Holy Land. The experience will be enriching, and the fellowship with other travelers on this tour will create deep and meaningful relationships as well.To learn more please visit the  links provided or 
Email Sue (the TVC trip coordinator)